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Avoid errors

Automatically receive warnings when concurrent appointments overlap or contracts need to be signed.

Be faster

Use any piece of information efficiently throughout the whole project so you will never do redundant work again.

Save money

Avoiding errors and redundant work saves money. Wouldn’t you rather spend your budget on really important things?

And evolve to simplicity.

Yamdu is a web app which combines individual tools for all specialist areas and all phases of your film production. Used by everyone on your team, it supports efficient use of the data generated in your project and subsequently optimizes collaboration. Wave goodbye to duplication of work and careless errors. Keep your eye on the whole picture while still monitoring the details.

The central organization and communication platform for any media production

with individual tools for anyone on your crew

running on any beloved device.


Get yourself an impression of Yamdu’s comprehensive entertainment project management feature set for anyone on your team.


Crew members are automatically assigned to user groups according to their position. Each member is only allowed to do and see the things necessary to get the job done. Read more


Every user can create tasks for himself and for other users, so you can always keep track of what’s to do and what’s done. Read more


When was that, you know, that thing again? Never lose track of important appointments and due dates again. Read more


Does anyone know if that contract has finally been signed? A look at Yamdu’s documents feature will tell you. Read more


Yamdu makes film financing less awful. Keep track of your investors and never forget a delivery item again. Read more

Production Scheduling

Evaluate different scheduling alternatives to help you optimize your production schedule. Read more

Shooting Scheduling

Create your shooting schedule by using Yamdu’s comfortable drag & drop interface. Subsequently, your call sheets generate themselves automatically. Read more


Why would everyone create their own breakdown sheets individually? Save time by collaborating with Yamdu. All breakdown information is automatically available all over Yamdu. Read more


Yamdu allows you to organize all casting suggestions for a role with ratings and comments. Read more


Yamdu enables costume designers to access the actors’ measurements and suggest costumes by uploading photos. Read more


Makeup artists automatically benefit from makeup relevant information extracted from the breakdown sheets. Read more


Getting lost in hundreds of possible shooting locations is easy. However, with Yamdu, it’s even easier to organize them based on your breakdowns and discuss the best choices. Read more


Props need to be planned and built or borrowed and returned. Keep track of estimated building times, required manpower, rental agreements and return dates. Read more


Yamdu integrates ARRI Webgate to enable you to view and share your dailies directly in Yamdu. Read more

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We offer different plans suitable for each phase of your film projects.
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Pay per project

Yamdu Development
5€CAD per month, VAT excluded
Thorough organization and distributiion of project data starting with the development phase.
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Yamdu Advanced
39€CAD per month, VAT excluded
During production preparation, your team grows and so does your need for efficient communication.
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Pay per company

Yamdu Studio Light
149€CAD per month, VAT excluded
Your company is working on several projects in different production phases? This plan covers all of them.
  • Unlimited users
  • 50 GB storage
  • Unlimited projects
  • Episodic Addon Preview
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Yamdu Studio
499€CAD per month, VAT excluded
Having multiple large projects, you are going to need lots of storage. This plan will cover all your needs.
  • Unlimited users
  • 750 GB storage
  • Unlimited projects
  • Episodic Addon Preview
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Students projects are only 9€/month (excl. VAT) with 3GB storage. If you are looking for a plan for a whole school, feel free to write us an email.
For projects with very high storage demands, you can order additional storage for 19€ per 10 GB, month and project. This only applies to paid plans.
500 MB ARRI Webgate storage is included in all our plans. If your storage needs exceed 500 MB, you may order additional 50 GB for 149 € or 1000 GB for 999 €.

We do not provide refunds.

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