Yamdu now enables you to import screenplays from Final Draft - Yamdu

The new PDF- and Final Draft script import

We are happy to announce further improvements and new features. Yamdu is now able to import your screen plays from Final Draf and PDF files and much more.

Script Import (Beta)

In the breakdown section you will find our new tool to import scripts from Final Draft (*.fdx-files) and PDF-files. This enables you to get started a lot faster. You can upload a screenplay (and new versions of it) from your computer or the script-object within the office-room. Yamdu analyzes the script, detects essential information, and will automatically create new scenes, roles and sets. If a new version of the script is imported, Yamdu offers a number of tools to update, create, or merge scenes. This will allow you to update all your data, schedules, and DOODs as easily as possible. Of course, all existing data remain linked to the scenes to avoid redundant work and provide you and your team with a consistent workflow.
Please be advised that this is a Beta-Release and we are happy about your feedback and suggestions! For more information on the script specs, please visit the help-section on our website.

And More

Besides fixing some bugs, we have also updated the English version of Yamdu to clarify some expressions (thanks to the input of our customers!).

We have also re-designed the PDF-export of the shooting scheduling tool.

Due to some misunderstanding in the different meaning of positions like "executive producer" in different territories and due to questions regarding the "admin", we have updated the rights management: From now on an admin can change all rights and thus has access to all sections of Yamdu. Please be aware, that this makes a project admin a lot more powerful than before.  If you want other crew members to simply have the right to invite new users (like a PA) without being an admin, make sure the user has the right to "write" in the crew area. However, you cannot provide access to areas within the office section that you do not have access to yourself. Only an admin is able to do that.

By using the direct-link-tool you are now able to enter more than one email contact by separating the email addresses with comma.

In the user settings you have now different options to enable or disable notifications automatically sent to you via email.

There will be a lot more features in the near future, like a dashboard for all your projects and a serial edition of Yamdu. So please stay signed up to get all updates.