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Discover and unfold

The production management software for
  • films
  • commercials
  • videos
  • TV
  • multimedia
  • photography
  • entertainment
  • agencies

My lightweight production office

It's time to have less on your mind! Yamdu is a web application combining the individual tools for all departments and stages of a film production. Yamdu can be the central platform for all of your crew members providing information in a fast, simple and efficient way and to actively take part in designing the tools and functions specific to each department. Facilitate the best use of your data and ensure efficient teamwork. Avoid duplication of work and mistakes and keep an eye on all of your projects. Improve your film production management with Yamdu!

New favorite tools for your production!

Customize your feature set

Yamdu’s features create a harmonized workflow for each production stage, from script development and pre-production to post-production. All features are always included in your subscription. Additionally, you are able to tailor the feature set to your needs. You don’t need the costume or production design department during the production of an image film? Your documentary doesn’t require a break-down? No problem! Just deactivate the tools you don't need for a specific project!

I follow

how things

are getting done.

More control & better overview

Yamdu is your digital production office; everyone and everything gathered in one cloud. Have a look at the tasks and appointments of the day or follow what your colleagues are currently discussing. Yamdu offers a fast, structured overview in order to facilitate cooperation and to improve the quality of communication between team members.

“Collaborative work in productions and teams clustered over different locations and cities is a tough process. But Yamdu together with ARRI Webgate brings everyone and every media close together!”

— Marc Schwellenbach, Head of Postproduction, UFA Serial Drama, Germany

Yay, last role is cast!

Show me details

and phone number!

More time for creativity

Facilitate your daily work thanks to customized tools for all creative departments. The costume department, production design, make-up department, location scouting or casting department are always linked to the current and latest version of scenes, the break-down, the call sheet and the shooting schedule. Therefore, you always get the information about the current DOODs (day-out-of-days). Avoid duplication of effort and endless lists, just let your team enjoy and profit from networking.

“Very successful production period! This was made possible in no small part through the use of Yamdu which, although we came to it quite late in pre-production, was an invaluable resource in allowing us to organise and co-ordinate multiple departments and dozens of cast and crew members across the film. We found it especially useful in organising our casting and our locations, along with some planning and comms.”

— Nick Woolgar, Producer, The Haunted Hotel, United Kingdom

We collaborate.

More efficiently

than ever.

One tool for unlimited users!

Add your entire crew. Yamdu serves as a reliable source of information and smoothens collaboration. A short comment, an important task, or a big announcement: Everything happens within Yamdu. File sharing and communication as easy as never before.

"Movie making involves complex and overarching teamwork. The communication via e-mail is obsolete and dates back to the last century. When someone has the wrong production plan, an old draft of the script or an incomplete call sheet on him, that’s when nothing can beat Yamdu. In addition to that there are controlling features fantastic to use for executive producers. It’s a pleasure to watch Yamdu constantly grow and become a powerful tool for cinema and TV movies."

— Oliver Schündler, CEO & Producer, Lucky Bird Pictures, Germany


Whom did we cast last time?

Less on your mind with your database

From the first shared ideas via the pre-production to the complete execution, you and your team create thousands of records. Your individual company database allows you to recap on past projects. Crew members, actors, agencies, locations and clients can be used again during any future projects of your company. The more often you work with Yamdu, the more time Yamdu will save for you!

“With Yamdu our crews see themselves as one team working for one goal. So it's much more than just a production tool, it's a great motivation tool as well!”

— Andreas Simon, CEO & Producer, GAP Films, Germany

Schedule updated.

Everyone informed.


Your planning tool

Handle all of your planning with Yamdu and profit from Yamdu’s convenient tools and features. From quick script import to the automatic writing of the break-downs, from the production planning and shooting schedule to the pre-written call sheets: Everything happens in a shared, integrated workflow, transfering changes to the entire crew or individual crew members with just one click. You can also use your existing applications and distribute the documents via Yamdu’s comfortable mailing system.

„Our entire team loves Yamdu. It has a comprehensive set of features and it's easy for anyone to jump in and learn the software.“

— Micah Haughey, Producer, Silver Rose Entertainment, USA

My work out

of office!

Free mobile apps

It’s already late but the new file version has not arrived yet? No problem. Whatever you are doing Yamdu is there for you, no matter of the time or the place. A personal comment is sent directly to you via app. Take a calm look at the news and comment on it or forward data and information from Yamdu to your clients and partners. You are much more independent and faster than ever before thanks to the mobile Yamdu app for iOS and Android.

Perfect for series

When it comes to serial productions, the data management is an even bigger challenge. Yamdu offers unique features, for example the tagging and selecting of episodes and shooting blocks in order to only see what you are working on at the moment. The tagging of objects and files is manually or partially automatically executed via the script import based on the episodes. Transform every individual project into a pilot episode of a series and turn your project into a whole season with just one click. The universe of your plot is growing and so does your structured knowledge database in Yamdu!

Video-Management using ARRI Webgate

Team-up with Yamdu and the optional add-on ARRI Webgate. Experience powerful ARRI Player for your dailies and editorials. Upload your clips, no matter whether you are shooting on ARRI, Red, Canon, Sony, or whatever you prefer. Simply screen, vote, or comment per clip, per frame or even by drawing into the video to share ideas with your partners. All done in a bullet-proof cloud-environment to protect your work.

Selected Webgate customers

The alternative to paper

Have you ever calculated how many reams of paper and how many cartridges you use during a production? Of course, there are some things that you want to have printed out but does every small change within a project has to result in new print-outs of staff lists, shooting schedules or break-downs? By using Yamdu you save money and do something good for the environment at the same time.

We are there for you

Behind every software there are real people. We know very well how difficult it can be to convince teams to use new workflows. Our extensive tutorials and introductions adjusted to the specific requirements of the departments try to convey the most important information to your team in a compact way. Let your crew just take care of the things relevant to them. Getting you and your team started as easy as possible, is key for us.

Hot and fresh: New Yamdu features

The Yamdu Team constantly works on improvements and new features. Thanks to the feedback submitted by our clients we are able to react quickly and constantly. See below for some examples of our latest updates.

10.10.2018PayPal: We accept now also payments via PayPal. So you can now pay your subscriptions with PayPal.
04.10.2018Notifications: We have extended the types of notifications, which are displayed under the notification bell in the top right corner.
28.09.2018File gallery: We have redesigned our file gallery. So that you can now switch faster between your files.
18.09.2018Import costumes and props: You can now import costumes and props from your other projects.









If you pay per project, you can simply add and combine as many projects as you like in different plans.



per month, excl. VAT

Thorough organization and distribution of project data starting with the development phase.
  • 5 users
  • 500 MB storage
  • All features
  • 500 MB ARRI Webgate
  • Paid monthly
  • Per project
Start for free



per month, excl. VAT

We love to support academic projects. Students are encouraged to request this plan via email.
  • Unlimited users
  • 5 GB storage
  • All features
  • 500 MB ARRI Webgate
  • Paid monthly
  • Per project
Start for free



per month, excl. VAT

During production preparation, your team grows and so does your need for efficient communication.
  • Unlimited users
  • 5 GB storage
  • All features
  • 500 MB ARRI Webgate
  • Paid monthly
  • Per project
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You may extend your storage for 19€ per 10GB per month.

You are working on a lot of projects at the same time? Then just go for one of our studio plans including unlimited projects.

Studio University


per month, excl. VAT

Film schools and universities are encouraged to request this discounted Studio plan via email.
  • 50 GB storage
  • All features
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 500 MB ARRI Webgate
  • Paid monthly
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Studio Light


per month, excl. VAT

Your company is working on several projects in different phases? This plan covers them all.
  • 50 GB storage
  • All features
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 500 MB ARRI Webgate
  • Paid monthly
Start for free



per month, excl. VAT

Having multiple large projects, you are going to need lots of storage. This plan will cover all your needs.
  • 750 GB storage
  • All features
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 500 MB ARRI Webgate
  • Paid monthly
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