Shooting Scheduling

Intelligent shooting scheduling means avoiding redundant work. Make use of all the information that your head-of-departments provide in the breakdown.

Yamdu offers an advanced and intuitive shooting scheduling tool. Unlike many of our competitors: it is cloud-based. You can easily drag & drop your scenes to your shooting days (“strips”) in your browser. All important details are shown, like scene numbers, roles, short synopsis, estimated shooting time, etc., Yamdu will automatically warn you if conflicts arise.

Being an all-in-one solution, Yamdu makes sure that all important information is automatically linked to specific functions throughout your project. Why re-type all your information into a call sheet in MS Word, when Yamdu provides a call sheet tool to directly design and create accurate call sheets for each planned day of shooting in minutes? Basic data like scenes, actors, extras and locations are all automatically included. The schedules and call sheets can be viewed by your crew online and on mobile in real time, as soon as your First AD releases them.

Day-out-of-Days information is provided for all relevant objects throughout Yamdu, so your heads-of-departments know exactly what is needed for each day of shooting and will be warned if changes are made.

You also have the option to connect your shooting schedule with your production schedule so that they are constantly synchronized.

When it comes to create shooting schedules, Yamdu has everything you need.