A Better Framework for Smoother Onboarding

Introducing all-new features that will enhance the user experience and improve productivity for our customers!

The new open positions and personnel master data features go hand-in-hand to make crew onboarding smoother.

As your production grows, so will the resources required on set - even extending to crew members. Now you can create a list of crew positions that need to be filled to have your production run smoothly. Make suggestions so the team (or those with ‘write permissions’) can discuss and review potential hires.

Once settled on a candidate, invite them to Yamdu and have them set up their user settings and personnel master data. The goal is to streamline your human resources operations and collect the necessary employment information forms from the start. Have every crew member fill out the required legal, tax, and banking information unique to every country's legal conditions.

The new open positions and personnel master data features will be a game-changer for our customers, and we invite you to try them out for yourself. Simply log in to your Yamdu account and navigate to the crew section to get started. Watch the tutorial below and get detailed instructions on using these new features to improve your workflow: Yamdu Tutorial: A Quick Guide to User Settings.