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Experience Yamdu's Completely Reimagined Shooting Schedule

Our completely renovated Shooting Schedule has just gone live. We've added a number of advanced features to give Yamdu users more control over the way they create shooting days.

New Display
All of your strips (your scenes, shots or content items) will now initially be listed by their ID number, so you no longer have to drag and drop them into shooting days. To make things easier, you now create shooting days around the strips.

Customize Columns
It's now possible to choose the information that is displayed about your strips by customizing columns. Just select the elements you want to see from our list of options.

Reorder Strips
To view things in a number of different sequences, you can reorder strips by set, location and other factors like interior/exterior and day/night. This makes it easier to organise your schedule around the necessities of a production.

Automatically Create Day Breaks
As well as creating day breaks manually, you can also automatically add them to make creating a shooting day even easier. Day breaks can be created based on how many strips you would like to shoot each day, the scheduled time or the estimated time.

This is the latest in a long list of improvements we have made this year, and we will continue upgrading our software to provide our users with everything they need to manage their projects effectively.

Check out our tutorial video below: