Get Production Insights at a Mere Glance

Time is a precious matter in production, so we've worked hard to create a new view option that gathers relevant information on a single layout.

Exciting news! Based on your feedback, we upgraded the overview layout and are happy to announce the launch of the new table view - designed to help users get the information they need quickly without the hassle of multiple clicks.

Here's how it works:

  • The table view offers a concise summary of essential information on a production object, such as the filming location, first and last shooting days, character outfits, etc. - saving you time to make informed decisions quickly.

  • You can customize the data you want to display on the table, eliminating the need to browse multiple pages.

  • *Please note that the number of customizations available may differ depending on the section you're working in. So you'll need a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 25 columns to utilize the new table view.*

  • And the separate 'Edit' mode will help prevent other users from accidentally making unwanted changes to the view.

  • Furthermore, the table view access rights enable you to modify user permissions directly from the page. But any changes you make will only apply to the current section.

To utilize this new feature, head to the planning, department-specific, or post-production areas in Yamdu and select the table view option. Remember, every section offering the table view comes with different data customizations and quick function options, so feel free to explore all the areas in Yamdu. We've also created a tutorial video to help you navigate the new feature.