Highlights from the Explorer Konferenz 2022

Yamdu CEO Florian Reimann, and Producer and CEO of Studio Hamburg Serienwerft, Jan Diepers, share the stage in showcasing real-world data consolidation scenarios from Rote Rosen.

The Produzentenverband Explorer Konferenz (Producers Association - Explorer Conference) in Hamburg is an influential event focusing on the latest digital tools that can shape how we produce cinema, streaming, and TV. The conference offers a platform for experts and leaders worldwide to share their thoughts and discuss how new trends/methods can be implemented or challenged by existing industry standards.

Yamdu CEO Florian Reimann had the pleasure of participating alongside long-time Yamdu client, Producer, and CEO of Studio Hamburg Serienwerft, Jan Diapers, in showcasing a real-world scenario of Yamdu's data consolidation abilities with Rote Rosen. Together, they addressed the fundamental issue of combining scattered data into a single space and making it accessible to the entire crew.

L - R: Jan Diepers and Florian Reimann

When posed the question of why Yamdu, Jan remarked that it "saves money, that’s the truth, and it speeds up the process."

He elaborated with an example of the scriptwriting tool introduced by Yamdu to bridge the gap between the early stages of development and pre-production. The tools highlighted the opportunity for creative departments to continue their work (i.e., script tagging) using draft scripts while writers could continue to develop a logical storyline without disruption. The new-found relationship between departments sparked collaboration efforts on both ends. Departments could pitch notes whereby the writers could incorporate into the story.

Ultimately, Yamdu streamlined workflows for Rote Rosen by cutting production costs and enabling the crew to benefit from working together collectively.

The conference proved to be an invaluable experience for Yamdu, and we look forward to continuing to work with our colleagues in the industry and driving progress and innovation in producing film, TV, and commercials.

If you missed our presentation, watch the full recording here or below for the real-world application of Yamdu in consolidating production data for Rote Rosen: