Yamdu now makes it possible to import Movie Magic Schedules.

The new Movie Magic Schedule import

With our new feature we make it possible for you to import your Movie Magic schedule and all its data to Yamdu easily in a matter of minutes.

Movie Magic Schedule Import

In the shooting scheduling area it was already possible to import schedules from Fuzzlecheck 3.0 (.fuz file import). In an effort to make life even easier for all of you who already have existing schedules in other production management tools we are happy to announce that now it is also possible for you to easily import your Movie Magic schedule (.pdf file import). To get started check out our detailed instruction to find out how to import your schedule in a few simple steps.

When you have followed the instruction and exported your Movie Magic schedule as a PDF file you are only a few clicks aways from using it in Yamdu! After uploading the PDF Yamdu analyzes your file and extracts all scenes, sets and roles for you to use in your project. On top of that Yamdu creates the whole shooting scenario with all shooting days and banners from your schedule which you can afterwards edit and adjust in Yamdu. You already have some roles, sets or scenes in your Yamdu Project? Don't worry! Our import compares existing objects with the uploaded objects from your schedule and it offers you the option to have them merged automatically or you can even review, link and merge objects manually on the fly. If you continue working offline on your schedule with Movie Magic, just export your schedule as PDF later on, upload the new file and Yamdu will automatically apply all your changes to the existing schedule in Yamdu.

We really hope you will enjoy our new feature! If you are stuck on the instruction or anything does not work for you, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you out, e.g. by using the little support bubble within Yamdu!

With lots of upcoming features we aim to make Yamdu an even more pleasant experience for you in the future – so stay tuned for updates!