MTH Babelsberg in Retrospect

Yamdu had the opportunity to participate in the Pick Session and discuss the potential of building the next-generation production pipeline.

One of Germany's leading events focusing on trending media technologies in entertainment and other digital realms is the MediaTech Hub Conference. This premier gathering offers professionals, creatives, and innovators from various entertainment backgrounds the opportunity to learn and network with fellow industry experts. The platform provides a dedicated space/the perfect setting to examine how new technologies will affect our work, within our respective fields, through unique use cases.

A major highlight from MTH at Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam was the opportunity for Yamdu CEO Florian Reimann to participate in the Pick Session, discussing the potential of building the next-generation production pipeline. He, along with fellow panelists Shelly Mellott, President of Final Draft; Yannic Hieber, CMO at Lockitnetwork GmbH; and Maarten Verwaest, CEO at Limecraft, showcased/illustrated how each of their tools could work seamlessly in another system throughout the stages of production.

L - R: HOST, Shelly Mellot, Florian Reimann, Yannic Hieber, and Maarten Verwaest.

Though this ideal production pipeline is not without its pain points, it's important to remember that production is transformative.

A simple change in a script has a lot of repercussions for the production process.

- Shelly Mellot

And with it, even more, bumps down the road to completion. The presentations outlined the importance of collaboration and how all these separate systems can work together. We saw that a simple change to a screenplay could impact not only one but multiple departments, as showcased by Florian. He further elaborated that the number of people and departments will increase as production grows. To combat data silos and miscommunication, he delved into the collaborative aspect of Yamdu's system.

Florian Reimann explains Yamdu's dynamic system.

Another notable aspect of the production pipeline was the integration of Yamdu's pre-production data with Lockitnetwork, which served as an on-set tool for script supervisors during the shoot. The final step involved integrating Limecraft for editing and post-production, allowing it to seamlessly utilize the information from Lockitnetwork.

The conference provided valuable insights into the different perspectives and approaches to creating the ideal production scenario from our partners in the film industry. It was a great opportunity for professionals in the entertainment industry to learn, network, and explore the potential of new technologies. We look forward to continuing to work with our peers to drive progress in the entertainment field.

Check out the complete Pick Session discussion here or below as industry giants Final Draft, Yamdu, Lockitnetwork, and Limecraft discuss the potential of building the ideal production pipeline.