Learn how to manage your production better in various media agencies.

My Multimedia Agency Tool: optimize customer management

Production management is important for all sorts of media agencies. Learn how to facilitate your work, especially with your recurring, favorite customers.

Maybe you know this or a similar scenario. In the 21st century the classic promotional film is often more than just a “film”. Your company then becomes a full-service agency. And this represents a chance and a risk at the same time – the chance to get more business and the risk of facing problems with coordination. It has to be done fast and for a good price. Permanent staff and a big overhead are deadly when your company doesn’t receive projects on a regular basis. That’s what a lot of our customers go through in this constantly changing business.

With Yamdu, however, you are able to tackle this challenge. Consider your customers as projects which have to be revised constantly. Maybe everything starts with a big promotional spot and you coordinate all of the sectors: you upload the briefing for your team, create treatments and concepts. Step by step more staff like the DOP or location scout join in. Then the shooting schedule and the call sheets have to be created. Everything is done in Yamdu: the editor uploads the first edit on Yamdu. The customer urgently needs it but you’re on your way to another appointment? No problem – just e-mail the link to your customer via app and communicate the feedback via the comment feature – until the final acceptance!

Final? Well, almost… Just two weeks later you get a new request concerning a print ad. The customer wants the same actors as in the spot? No problem as all the data is still in the Yamdu database. The customer needs five stills for a campaign on Facebook? No problem, find a graphic designer and invite him to join Yamdu because everything is on the database. Just give him the necessary access rights. Create a new job object, task included and comment where to find everything: stills, the company logo of the customer, texts, specifications concerning the final format. Follow up on the exchange of comments on Yamdu or on new uploads … et viola – your Yamdu project has one more result and it is ready to be delivered to the customer in no time at all.

It doesn’t matter to Yamdu if you upload, comment on and send video material, text, photos or graphics to your partners. You decide what is necessary and useful, anywhere and anytime. Explain to your freelancers why they should work with Yamdu and experience how easy and flexible the coordination of your projects will be in the future. A software like Yamdu requires a bit of discipline as well, but it’s worthwhile. Every permanent position that you don’t have to fill in increases your profit! Make Yamdu your virtual office and reap the reward!