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New tagging tool for your script breakdowns

The new script tagging tool allows you to import your script into Yamdu and identify objects like actors, props or locations.

We know many of you have been waiting for this update: the new script tagging tool. Simply import your script and view it in Yamdu. You can easily select and tag elements and re-use elements from your drop-down menu. This will make your script breakdowns a lot more efficient. Of course, it can all be done script version by script version to update your data as fast as possible. The new upgrade is available now in your Yamdu projects and it offers:

  • Script view in Yamdu (scene by scene)
  • Automated identification of sets and characters
  • Select and tag your elements, e.g. for your department like costumes, props, set dressing, VFX, SFX, vehicles, make-up & hair, and so much more
  • All tagged elements can immediately be used in all department tools ready to be shared
  • If there is an active shooting schedule, you will get your Day-out-of-Days in real time
  • PDF-Exports for your breakdown reports
  • Please note, if you have already imported a script in existing projects, you need to import that script again in order to use this feature.
  • We believe script breakdown has never been more efficient. Just have a look yourself and let us know if you like it!