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Production Calendar and Call Sheet Refurbishments

We are delighted to announce that we have kicked off 2019 by refurbishing and improving two of our most important functions in Yamdu: Our Production Calendar and Call Sheets.

Plan Things The Right Way

Our production calendar is now more focused on a Gantt Chart view, allowing you to follow every step in your production schedule more clearly. We have also made it much easier to edit production steps by clicking and dragging, enabling you to update your schedule in seconds. You can also now create tasks and add comments within production steps, which greatly aids team management, especially in post-production.

Call of Duty

Our Call Sheets have been updated too. And to keep things precise, using Military Time is now an option for those who prefer 1600 to 4pm. There are also new design templates to choose from, including the ability to create narrowly-spaced industry-standard call sheets.

We hope these refurbishments will set the tone for continued improvements in Yamdu throughout 2019.