Spring Product Updates

We're always gathering feedback and making improvements, including adding new features, to ensure your productions run as smoothly as possible. Check out our latest updates to enhance your workflow!

Sustainability Fields for Locations

Selecting a location can have a considerable influence on the carbon footprint of a production. Yamdu added a new data entry section for locations, allowing location and sustainability managers to input structured information on energy or heating consumption and other relevant data.

Disable In-App Notification

You now have the option to choose which notifications you receive via email, push, and in-app. This gives you more control over the number and type of notifications you receive. Please note that email notifications for new nnnouncements and final call sheet will always be selected by default.


You can now add your pronouns to your profile by going to the general information section in your user settings. Your pronouns will be visible in your profile and any exports.

Dietary Restrictions

We have updated the section previously referred to as "Food Preferences". You can now choose multiple dietary restrictions and add any allergies.

Additional Data Security Level

We've added an extra layer of sensitive permissions to the Personnel master data to further enhance our data security measures. Administrators now have exclusive viewing and editing rights for personnel master data, as well as the ability to grant access to others.

Crew Structure for New Projects

Yamdu now enables you to copy crew lists that have open positions. When starting a new project, we often have similar positions to fill, but we may not yet know who is available or will be assigned to them. This feature allows you to transfer crew lists from previous projects, with the positions copied over and ready to be filled for the new project. Please note that the crew list will not be populated with names, only the positions will be copied.

Easier Creation of Multiple Modals

We've added a new feature that allows you to create multiple tasks, open positions, scenes, calendar entries, content items, and invite users more easily. When creating these items, you will now see an option to "create another". By selecting this option, the window will stay open, saving you the hassle of having to click multiple times to create additional items.

Cast List updates

We've made some updates and enhancements to the crew list feature. When exporting crew lists in Excel or CSV format, agency and agent data will now be included, which was previously only available in PDF format.

Additionally, we've added a new feature to the customised PDF export that allows you to include a note field.

Marking Single Scenes and Shots as “Shot”

You can now label scenes, shots, and content items as "shot" by accessing the general information of each item. Once marked, these items will not appear in a new shooting schedule, allowing you to easily identify any outstanding scenes or shots that need to be captured. Additionally, in the unscheduled view, you can enable the "see shot items" feature for a better overview.

For scenes, you can also edit them directly in the table view by adding the "Scene has been shot" column. Bulk editing is also possible, and this feature will soon be available for shots and content items as well.

Try it out now!