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The new multi-project overview and social mentions

The new multi-project overview allows you to keep track of multiple Yamdu projects at the same time. Social mentions allow you to tag other users, so that they are directly notified, say when you direct a comment at them.

We are happy to announce the release of our new overview feature, which allows you to get a better and quicker overview of what is happening in all your projects at once. Since our customers create more and more projects within their studio accounts, we think it is helpful to provide you with these "meta" features, such as having a high level view of all tasks, announcements, and conflicts throughout the different areas of your projects on one single page.

Please let us know, what you think. And please be aware that this is just a first step of a larger update we are working on to reuse objects throughout different projects of your company like employees, financial partners, and so much more. The current update also contributes to our serial agenda to allow much better workflows on episodic productions, which will be implemented within the near future. So just stay tuned… there is a lot more to come!

Never assume, always make sure.

In order to draw more attention to your object-based comments you can now tag your crew members or groups by our new mention feature, just as you know it from popular social applications by entering the @-character and the name of the crew member or group. Mentioned crew members will be notified instantly. We hope you like it!