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The new Shots and Shot List features

Yamdu allows you to quickly create shots or add shots to your script breakdowns scenes. Shot-based storyboards are automatically created for you and your customers.

We are happy to announce our new Shot List feature. You decide if you want to use scenes and shots or shots only in your project. The new shot elements allow you to quickly create shots or simply add shots to scenes of your breakdowns. All necessary parameters like size, type, movement, and technical aspects can be added with a few clicks.

You can also upload images, scribbles, or moods and automatically create shot-based storyboards for you and your customers – or simply comment shots to discuss with others. Different views and sorting and the well-known PDF-export with different selections will help you to have your story visualized in seconds. And of course, shots can be scheduled during shooting scheduling and embedded in your call sheets.

So just give it a try and tell us what you think.