Communicate And Collaborate

Yamdu is a communication hub for the entire crew, where people can share and discuss important information like videos, photos, files and documents.

In-Built Video Player With Versioning Tool

Visual content creation requires a robust video player, and Yamdu provides all the features you require. You can add versions of videos in order to edit and correct your visuals.

Timestamp Comments

You can timestamp comments in the video player, so if it's too dark at 01:15 or there's a boom in the shot at 07:25, you can let people know.

Share Links with Clients

You can share video files inside or outside Yamdu. Communicate with your fellow crew members and if a client needs the latest version, you can email them directly from Yamdu.

Your One-Stop Communication Hub

Yamdu is the central communication hub for your entire production. You can comment, message groups and departments and tag people to let them know you need their opinion.


"Communication via email is obsolete and dates back to the last century.

When someone has the wrong production plan, an old draft of the script or an incomplete call sheet, that’s when nothing can beat Yamdu."

Oliver Schündler
Producer & CEO at Lucky Bird Pictures