Create And Share: Commercials And Documentary

Whether you are working on ads, music videos, documentaries or any other kind of video project, Yamdu has everything you need to manage your commercial or non-scripted content effectively.

AV Script

Combine audio and video with our two-column AV script, designed to streamline the workflow of creators working on commercials, image films, music videos, etc.

Add Shots

Add shots to plan the look, motion and feel of your project. You can add camera and movement information to design exactly how everything should look.

Create Storyboards

You can create storyboards from your shot list to create a visual overview of your content. These storyboards can be easily exported as a PDF file if you need a paper copy.

Content Items

With content items you can create interviews, behind the scenes footage, documentaries and many other types of visual content. You can work with 'talents' or 'actors' to differentiate between types of performers.


"The introduction of Content Items changed everything for us. We are putting together b-roll footage, athlete interviews and photography and all of these things that are hard to define and that's one of the features that is central for us."

Toni Tillmann
Producer & Cinematographer at Tillmann Brothers