Scripted Content: The Smart Way

From features to television to short films: If you work with scripted content, Yamdu has everything you need.

Import Script

Import scripts from Final Draft, Fountain, CELTX or even PDF format. Yamdu can read and arrange everything to help get you started quickly.

Script Tagging

Use the script tagging tool to add characters, costumes, props and other elements in seconds.

Full Breakdown

Now you can build a full breakdown. Assign actors to roles, locations to sets and finalize all of the elements you will need for your shoot.

Information Shared with Departments

The information you add is shared in real time with the relevant departments. You can generate information like DOODs in seconds.


"Regarding our feature film, Yamdu was the perfect tool and I don't think that we would have made that project if we didn't have Yamdu."

Thomas Gottschall
Executive Producer at The Terminal
Working with clients like BMW, Harman/Kardon and Leica