"Liebesdings" was released in German cinemas in July. Elyas M'Barek plays a movie star whose life goes off the rails after a momentous interview. © Constantin Film Verleih / Violetta Grimm.

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Constantin Film

Country: Germany

With involvement in several successful projects, including work on the Resident Evil franchise, prominent German production house Constantin Film recounts the types of workflows involved and the challenges faced by modern film productions.

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Farpoint Films

Despite their teams working in remote shooting locations, Farpoint Films managed to complete Ice Vikings at the height of the pandemic.

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David Victori

David Victori explains how he manages the chaos that went on in the production of his Netflix series Sky Rojo.

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Wings Over Water

Steve Gruskin explains why a scalable software was vital for pre-production on his nature documentary Wings Over Water.

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Gebhardt Productions

Gebhardt Productions discusses the success of organizing operational processes for their long-running series SOKO Kitzbühel.

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Poppular Pictures

Poppular Pictures discusses their approach to producing content for WarnerMedia and TNT Comedy during Covid-19.

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Black Card Productions

A limited budget didn’t stop Black Card Productions from completing their Amazon series Ringside.

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Bhare Kesmaei

Bhare Kesmaei used the newfound time she spared from automating script breakdowns towards creativity in the costume department.

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Das Internat

Kojoten Filmproduktion explains how they saved time by automating production processes on Das Internat with Pantaflix Studios and Joyn.