Your Casting Database

How about… what’s his name? Collect, discuss and select cast members for all roles in your project and distribute important information within seconds.

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Finding the right actors during pre-production can be a heavy workload. Whether you are working on casting a commercial or a feature-length project, it makes sense to have a centralized casting communication hub. Yamdu has all the important details about actors and extras, with information being automatically shared with related departments.

When you add a character to your Yamdu breakdown, people with casting access rights are able to suggest actors and actresses for the role. They can upload photos and videos from a computer or add them directly from their mobile device. (This is also very handy when casting extras.) They can also type in all contact and agency information, adding special habits, allergies, hold-days, contracts and all other key material too. The actor's size and dimensions are provided to the costume department automatically so they have all the details they need to get to work immediately.

On the other hand, personal contact information or contract details are only accessible by relevant members of the production department. Sensitive information is only shared with people who need to see it.

Since Yamdu is collaborative tool, it is quite natural that it is a place where all suggestions for cast members can be discussed. Once the key decision makers are sure, an actor is “fixed” - meaning the actor has been cast in that role. That automatically triggers messages to related departments like make-up & hair and the costume department. Need to recast a role for some reason? No problem. By “de-fixing” a role, all former suggestions come to light again and you can choose another actor or actress with all the important data automatically attached.

Every actor or extra you add to a project is added to your company database with all of their important information. Meaning you can reuse that info over and over again as necessary.