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Your Casting Database

How about… what’s his name? Collect, present, discuss and select cast members for all roles of your project and distribute important information within seconds.


Just like anything else throughout Yamdu, a role is an object. And you are able to suggest one or more actors and actresses to that certain role. All relevant data remains directly attached. Uploading photos and videos from computer or add them directly from your mobile device by using our app is easier than ever before. That comes very handy when casting extras, for example. You can also type in all contact and agency information, note special habits, allergies, hold-days, contracts, dimensions, etc. Whereas the dimensions are provided to the costume department automatically, personal contact information or the contract is only accessible to the relevant members of the production department.

Since Yamdu is collaborative tool, it is quite natural that all suggestions for cast members can be discussed online and once you are sure, a director, producer or casting director may mark the actor / actress as “fixed” and casting is completed for that role. That automatically triggers messages to related departments like Make-up & Hair and the Costume department. Now you want to re-cast a role due to certain circumstances? No problem. By “de-fixing” a role, all former suggestions come to light again and you can choose another actor or actress with all important data being automatically attached.

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