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Collaborative Script Break-Downs and Shots

No more redundant work! Each department should know best what is needed and contribute to one master break-down to support the director’s and the production team.

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Take your script to an actionable scheduling and planning by listening to those, who should know it best: the head of departments and their teams. No matter whether everyone starts from scratch or all departments work on existing break-downs, you will soon enjoy the comfort of collaborative working within Yamdu. Being a production management tool for all stages of a film or entertainment production, Yamdu uses the break-downs as the backbone of the entire project.

You can simply start from scratch by adding scenes and shots – or you can import your script from a Final Draft file, CeltX, Fountain or any PDF written in Hollywood standard.

Once a script is imported, the script tagging tool helps you and your departments to easily run through the script scene by scene and mark every element, which is important to you. Whereas characters and sets are detected automatically, every other word or line can be highlighted and turned into an element for your preferred sections like a prop, set dressing, wardrobe, and so on.

Script sides can also be exported for your personal needs for each shooting day, each character or each scene.

Of course, you can also create shots foreach scene or use shots only, e.g. for non-scripted content or commercials. Characters and sets can also be linked to a shot. And a shot list and a storyboard can be created by a simple PDF export with various designs.

Everything you add, while breaking down the script, automatically creates objects that can be used in each specific tool of Yamdu. From Casting to Costume Design, Make-up & Hair, Production Design and Location Scouting. You can always be sure, that every relevant crew member has the same information and is talking about the same break-downs and objects and thus the same requirements for each scene and shooting day. Instead of having binders and PDFs and Emails and so on, every department works within its own function to serve one cloud-based master break-down. Discuss it online or use Yamdu with a projector at your PPM to optimize what is planned. All changes can be forwarded immediately to all relevant and specified crew members.

And if you do your shooting scheduling within Yamdu, your crew gets the immediate Day-out-of-Days for all elements linked to a scene and a schedule. This really avoids redundant work!

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