Crew Updates

Yamdu allows you to push crew updates to the whole film crew using the announcements tool. This way, important and urgent news won't be missed by anyone again.

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Within the world of Yamdu, announcements are used for very important messages.

Simply create an announcement and add the entire crew or certain groups, like all Head-Ofs or all staff of the production team. The crew section allows you set up new groups and to add users to individual groups. Or you might like to use the default groups created by Yamdu to which users are added automatically according to their position.

Whatever way you work, announcements allow you to create messages that immediately pop up on the dashboard of all users addressed, and get pushed through via email and push notification. By the way, your final call sheets will be an automated announcement as well. So, no matter if it is an invitation for your team’s warm up party or a warning when tomorrow’s location has changed, just create an announcement and your team knows immediately.

When you need to send information to everyone immediately, you can. And you only have to send one message to do it - anyone with a question will be redirected to the announcement page where all of the key info will be shared for everone to see. No more endless emailing. Yamdu makes it easy.

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