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Episodic Production Management

No matter if you produce web or TV series, Yamdu offers you a tool set which supports your episodic film prodcutions by saving you from doing redundant work.

Producing a TV series or any other kind of episodic film production poses a special challenge. A lot more artifacts and crew members have to be organized, which makes efficient communication and collaboration key. This is where Yamdu comes in handy.

You can either start a new episodic project from scratch or convert an existing project, say a single pilot episode, into a series.

One project is meant for one season of a show. You can easily import data (characters, sets, etc.) from one season to another later on, thus you do not need to start from scratch if your show gets continued.

Yamdu episodic provides you with the following features:

  • Easy creation of episodes
  • Easy combination of different episodes to shooting blocks
  • Great overview over any piece of data in all episodes, specific episodes or specific shooting blocks. The ubiquitous filter makes it easy to concentrate on one or a few episodes.
  • Easy Day-out-of-Days overview of all objects (roles, props, sets, costumes, etc.)
  • Enhanced break-down and script import: If you import scripts of certain episodes or create breakdowns manually, Yamdu will automatically tag all relevant objects (roles, sets, props, etc.) with your individual ID for season and/or episode to speed up your organization.
  • If you create new objects you can tag it for all episodes of a season (automatically) or tag it for one or several specific seasons
  • Advanced script import for updating episode script versions and breakdowns
  • New features for shooting scheduling regarding shooting blocks and single episodes

Please note that the episodic add-on is still in its preview phase and free of charge at the moment for our customers. Since we are still testing this feature with well-known TV production companies, this extension is free of charge at the moment.