Film Crew Management

Generate contact lists automatically, provide secure access rights and get to love intuitive contract management. One solution to keep track of your film crew.

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You are annoyed of re-typing your crew’s contact lists and printing out new versions each day? You are also missing a cool, intuitive contract management system for your crew and cast? That’s just a small part of the dozens of features that our collaborative and cloud-based film production management software offers.

With Yamdu a crew member is – as soon as he or she is invited to the project – automatically part of the crew list. Simply choose one or more position(s) within the project and Yamdu will automatically suggest access rights and create the position(s) within the crew list. All users type in their contact information by themselves and provide optional information such as eating habits, allergies, driver’s license or a photo. Since changes are updated automatically and globally throughout all projects of the user, a new cell phone number, for instance, has to be added once, not a dozen times. Of course, you can also add additional information for each project individually as well, e.g. if the crew member is supposed to use a cell phone of the production company or if he/she stays at a different address during the production.

Effective crew management during the pre-production steps is vital to ensure your project gets up and running as quickly as possible. Yamdu's core aim is to help you invite new users and recycle existing users in seconds, so that you can populate and organize your crew far faster than if you were working outside the system.

All crew members are automatically part of their specific department (like director’s department, production, costume design, etc.). But you can also add new groups as you wish, e.g. a transmedia group, etc. Of course, that’s the same for units.

As a project’s admin you can always change those groups or access rights afterwards, regarding the general areas and functions, but also for each and every room and object within the “office” file sharing. So never worry about “who has access to what data”. With Yamdu, you get an overview within seconds.

With our mobile app, you even don’t have to print out contact lists anymore or send pdfs via email. Within a second, you have all the necessary information on your device and are even able to call the person directly or write a message without having to copy/paste a number or address. Also, call sheets are distributed automatically to your crew members.

Regarding your production office, Yamdu offers a secured crew area to add contracts or letter-of-intents, drafts and additional information like notes regarding negotiations or important terms. All of this and the contact information remains linked to that crew member for an easy follow-up and access by your legal department or accounting department. Yamdu will also warn you, if contracts are still missing, e.g. the closer you come to principal photography.