Financial Planning and Financing Partners

Easily create unlimited financing scenarios, keep track on deadlines for fundings, and manage contracts and deliverables for your partners.

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Of course, financing should not be missing in a one-in-all production management application like Yamdu. In a secured area, you can easily create different financing scenarios. Again, each financing partner is a new object that can be re-used for different scenarios. With the tool you can follow-up your financing structure with a traffic light system. It shows information like the remaining gap or the percentage of funding. A PDF-export is possible at any time, showing additional details like the scenario’s name, the production title, the company, the current date, etc.

All financing partners can be managed with the contract tool, which you might already know from other functions of Yamdu. No matter if you are uploading draft, a letter-of-intent or if you want to upload a signed contract. You can see the contract status in a great overview. Furthermore, Yamdu offers a convenient tool to handle your deliverables, thus nothing gets forgotten - following our most important rule: never assume, always make sure. The best thing is, you don’t need to be a post-pro-master to do so, since Yamdu already offers the most important technical deliverables of the industry for features, marketing, distribution, etc. Many deliverables like the script, credit lists, artwork, stills, and many more, are objects and directly linked to the corresponding areas, like the room “Deliveries & Marketing” or “Development”. For example, you only need to upload your selected stills once to the corresponding object in order to deliver them to all your financing partners.