Post-Production with Yamdu and ARRI Webgate

With Yamdu you can enjoy the power of ARRI Webgate at 100%. Share files and versions, view dailies, convert video clips, and so much more.

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ARRI Webgate is a separate application, which has been integrated into Yamdu to enable you to use Webgate’s tools for handling dailies and media files directly from within Yamdu. A free Webgate account is included in any Yamdu subscription.

ARRI Webgate Dailies

This section offers a perfect area for your dailies. No matter what camera you are using, no matter with what lab or post-house you are working with, this cloud-based service allows you and your DIT / Data Wrangler to upload daily proxy files of any kind and have them ready for streaming for all crew members and producers, who have access to. Of course, all days are kept listed in the Dailies section to get back to certain days and scenes for continuity purposes.

Access Control

You can control access rights in a very precise way, either in the user rights management section or within the individual rooms. Due to the high-security requirements and the long-time experience of ARRI Webgate with sensitive material, we have added additional levels in the access rights management named “low, mid and high”. You can always see who has what rights and what features are related to them.

Comment anything

All ARRI Webgate areas within Yamdu can be commented just like any other Yamdu room or object. Let’s say, you are a director and want to tell your team that new moods are online, just tag them in the comment field and tell them what’s on your mind.

Organize playlists and galleries

You can create and delete rooms (DI, Editorial, Audio, …) just how you like it. Also, playlists, galleries and data of any kind can be uploaded just as it might suit you. Please be aware that only videos that are added to Playlists are rendered on the server, whereas videos uploaded as files are meant for file sharing via ARRI Webgate without streaming options.

ARRI Webgate Player

Of course, all Playlists offer the full functionality of the powerful ARRI Webgate Player. You can comment on videos per clip or per current frame, you can draw in the picture, vote, or send direct links (with optional password protection and burn-ins). Even individual burn-ins with your company’s logo are possible and can be re-used for streaming and distribution purposes.

Since a free ARRI Webgate project is already part of your Yamdu project, you can get started right away.