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Production Management For Film Schools & Students

Yamdu offers films schools and their students not only top-notch production management tools but also dedicated educational tutorials and features.

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Offer the best training with Yamdu University

Are you a teacher or staff member at a university, school, or any other training center related to film and media? Then Yamdu University might be the perfect tool for you and your students. We have created a special version of Yamdu which aims to provide solutions for the questions below. Perhaps some of these issues sound familiar in relation to your daily life as a teacher or staff member:

  • How might we encourage a culture of collaboration, peer teaching and self-management in our process?
  • How can we support in-time and media rich instructions?
  • How might we make students accountable to each other and their own stories?
  • How can we reduce the hours we spend per student per week without losing any academic quality?
  • How can we reach out to our staff and integrate them to a new system?
  • How can we diversify the scale and scope of projects and workflows, e.g. short feature, documentary, experimental, etc.?
  • How can we support as many students as possible without having to worry about resources?
  • How can we create an online community workspace that fits our educational and industry needs at the same time?

Yamdu University tackles all of these issues and provides several special features in addition to all of the regular Yamdu tools that are included in your subscription. Here are some examples:

In the admin section of your school’s account, you can create and manage admins, staff, teachers, mentors and students, of course. These users can then be added to all your projects.

You can create unlimited project templates for whatever topic or production type you prefer. These templates can have as many tasks as you like, which can be linked to “user groups / departments” and sections and tools of Yamdu (e.g. breakdowns, scheduling, etc.). When you invite students later on, those tasks will automatically be assigned to your students according to their role(s) / department(s) in a project.

And there are more academic features to come in the near future… so please stay tuned!

If you are a teacher or representative of a film school and would like to get a personal online demonstration of Yamdu, please feel free to contact us.

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