A Workflow Tool for Production Designers and Art Directors

No matter how many props you need to handle, Yamdu will help you and your department to make life easier.

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Being a all-in-one platform for the film and TV industry, Yamdu offers vital tools for all important departments. This naturally includes production design. Together with experienced professionals, we have developed an easy-to-use tool to help streamline your workflow. Well want to help you avoid redundant work and free up more time for creativity.

A new object is created in one master breakdown for every prop you tag or add to the script. You and your team can suggest certain props for those objects by uploading photos and files that are directly connected with it. This guarantees a coherent structure throughout the project with the best possible overview and the ability to easily sort by scenes, motifs, inventories, animals, etc.

Afraid of sharing data with everyone right from the start? Don’t worry. You and your department can work and discuss amongst yourselves first, before presenting your suggestions to the relevant crew members such as the director, producer or the DoP.

You can also collaborate with other departments easily. For example, take a look at what costume design is envisaging and discuss colors, patterns or anything of interest without waiting for the next PPM. Of course, you can export any lists as PDF files and print them out.

Even more handily, you can access your data easily with the Yamdu app or in your mobile browser. If you are visiting a flea market or are in a hurry at some inventory or antiques store, don't worry. Using our app, you can take photos and upload and attach them to the relevant objects to share them with your team or other crew members within seconds.