The App for Make-up & Hair Artists in Film & TV Productions

All necessary information at hand in real time: cast, scene, look, continuity stills. It’s all at one single spot in the cloud including all the staff.

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Besides the daily call sheet you might want to have a look at the desired cast, the chosen costumes or the suggested art design before shooting begins. As a crew member of a Yamdu project, you can always be in touch with other relevant crew members and you are always up-to-date. Your input on a shooting schedule or a call sheet might just be as important, if everyone else has forgotten about how long that damn 18th century hair style takes or that some shots might need special effects make-up.

If a new actor is casted or anything changes regarding the roles, you and your department will be informed and warned automatically. And in case you want to take your own photos of the freshly styled cast members and extras to keep the look in mind, it is quite simple with the Yamdu app. Just use your cell phone and attach photos to all roles and keep track of those objects. Most importantly, if anything changes in a master break down or at the active shooting schedule, your data will be accessible, where ever you need it, keeping its perfect structure. That avoids redundant work and saves your time!