The Management App for Costume Designers

Costume designers are always looking to improve their work. Yamdu helps by giving the costume department everything it needs to work efficiently.

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You are a costume designer and need to handle your staff and costumes more efficiently? Being a filmmaking software designed for every crew member, Yamdu offers specialized functions for the most important departments, such as costume design.

No matter if you do the script breakdowns yourself or someone at the production office does and you just need to revise them, you can always do so working with the master breakdown in Yamdu. By doing the breakdown of the script, Yamdu automatically creates objects for the costumes needed, already linked to the roles, actors and actresses, scenes and shooting days. The closer you come to production, the more information Yamdu will provide you automatically from other important areas like scheduling, and casting.You can easily upload new sketches or photos to the designated objects whenever you want to.

Let us illustrate the Yamdu workflow with an example: You happen to be on a flea market, a mall or some rental store and find a dress that you like. Just take a photo with your cell phone and upload it within seconds. Instead of having some unstructured pool of data, you can directly attach the photo to a certain costume for a role. You are even able to discuss it privately within your department before sharing more widely as all data is only accessible for your staff first. After the discussion, you are able to publish your suggestion so a producer or DoP can take a look and provide feedback.

With Yamdu you can print lists, see day-out-of-days, sort by role, costume, scene, inventory, whatever you like. You and your department will always keep track of what is needed, where the costume comes from and where it has to be returned to. When a role is cast or anything changes concerning the cast, you will be one of the first people to know and you'll receive information like dimensions or attached costumes and scenes as your department will automatically be informed and updated by Yamdu.