Workflow and Collaboration Apps for Location Scouting

It is always the same: Where are we going to shoot and why? Make your location proposals accessible to the crew to get valuable input.

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The script might not quite be ready to shoot, but the question of locations has already arisen. With our all-in-one cloud-based solution, Yamdu can easily structure the dozens, hundreds or thousands of location suggestions you might have. No matter if it is just a general online search, photos from your scouting, or a direct link to a film commission’s location database, you will see how easy it is.

Starting with the breakdown of a script, each set is automatically created as an object within the locations tool. It's ready to be filled with your suggestions. A director, DoP, production designer or anyone else with access rights can comment on it immediately. If everyone thinks it’s perfect, your sound recordist might ask about how close that railway in the background actually is. If you share information during the pre-production stage, you'll have fewer surprises to deal with.

Keep track of contact persons, off-periods and much more. When you have entered the address of a location, it will automatically be re-used in other essential areas like the call sheet to provide maps and directions.

Maybe you are the director or DoP and on a (rare) free day you find an awesome location you want to share? Just do it on your mobile phone. Your photo will be uploaded and your colleagues can immediately take a look.