Your Production Office in the Cloud

Imagine there is one single spot for all your files, accessible from anywhere, anytime, always up-to-date, and based upon a secure rights management system.

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Besides all the professional production management functions, Yamdu also offers a place for file sharing and general storage. But compared to other solutions, Yamdu provides a unique object-based structure to assure that all your data is processed in an intelligent way. This is especially useful when working on and organising pre-production paperwork and during later stages of production where shooting permits and contracts will need to be effectively managed.

The office section provides rooms for all important stages and fields of production, like development, financing, contracts, etc. We call these areas “rooms”. Within the rooms, you can make use of existing objects, like “script”, “treatment” and so on or create new objects on your own. You can upload all your relevant data to those objects. Yamdu even offers a versioning function to show the current file upfront while still having older versions accessible. You can comment and discuss those objects, add tasks or control access rights as easy as it gets.

If you wish, an automatic watermarking feature can be enabled to ensure that PDFs are individually marked with the user's name, who is looking at it, downloading it or sending the file per direct-link. All in real-time. For some objects are logically linked diverse functions within Yamdu, the software can warn you if deliverables are missing or contracts urgently need to be signed. Avoid data chaos and uncomfortable ways to share data. It's so much easier with Yamdu.