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Yamdu offers a hands-on approach to production so you can observe how your class incorporates industry-standard tools to plan and manage their projects. Stay responsive and guide them if they derail from their production goals, and reuse project templates to prepare the class for years to come.

Real World Application

Let Yamdu demonstrate how the different stages of filmmaking are interconnected. Seamlessly integrate legacy products such as Movie Magic or Final Draft, and use our framework to teach students how to navigate the steps in production logically and more effectively.

What our educators have to say

"Yamdu really helps to provide a structure for the students. They learn how to schedule in a logical way thanks to the framework Yamdu provides."

CJ Welsh Production Coordinator at the University of Melbourne

Interactive Learning Atmosphere

Create a space that acts as a hub for all production interactions to encourage collaboration and communication throughout the semester. Present work to the class, leave comments and share urgent messages via announcements.

What our educators have to say

"The announcement tool is also very useful because I can remind or update students quickly and also see who has seen the information."

Nina Robnik Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television at the University of Ljubljana

Your Classroom Assistant

We’ll be here to help your class navigate through the software. Take full advantage of free onboarding sessions to get everyone up to speed with Yamdu’s framework.

What our educators have to say

"We got started within days. Of course, the Yamdu team took us by the hand at the beginning [...] and organized two one-hour online courses: one for the students and one for the teachers."

Jürgen Schopper Head, Faculty of Design at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology

Single Source for All Project Assets

Monitor the progress of every student project throughout the year. Check that tasks have been delivered on time, track student engagement in the course, and review where they are across your curriculum timeline.

What our partners have to say

“Yamdu is seamlessly closing the gap between the creative writing process and the ever-changing requirements of production. We believe Final Draft and Yamdu are the go-to-combination of tomorrow’s production processes.”

Shelly Mellot President of Final Draft - A Cast & Crew Company

Prepare Lessons in Half the Time

Reuse project templates for scheduling exercises, short movies, documentaries, animations, and more from previous lectures to save tremendous time preparing lessons for the new year.

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