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Learn to install and setup Yamdu for starters. Download available guides for your personal learning usage. Find useful tutorials on operating the Yamdu program.


Don’t be afraid. It’s just a software. Yamdu is a cloud-based project management tool providing a centralized structure and linking the most important production parameters to reduce redundant work.


Get the free mobile app for your iOS or Android device, available in the app stores. And please allow “push notifications”. Not all features of the web application are supported in the app, but especially comments and tasks are pushed through. And you always have the current crew contact list at your fingertips.


If you like to tag specific crew members in a comment, just start with the @-character and continue typing the name. A drop-down menu is shown, where you can pick one or more users. If users are already part of a communication within an object, they will be notified automatically.


The “Files & Documents” section is the big file sharing section of Yamdu, for all files that are not directly related to a specific tool.


The “Files & Documents” area is first divide into “Rooms”, and then into “Objects”. It is pretty much the same as “binders, folders”. Simply a container with files, but there is also additional informationavailable like access rights, comments, tasks, etc.


You can search for files by using the search field in the upper right corner. You can also change sorting and view.


If you drag a file into an object and drop it on an existing file on the Yamdu server, Yamdu will ask you, if it is just a new version of that same file. If you click “Yes”, the newest file will be shown, and older versions are still accessible by clicking on detail view. If you click “No”, it is simply uploaded right next to the existing file.


You can mark objects by using the “pin-icon” in order to immediately access them right from your dashboard instead of clicking through the “Files & Documents” section.


Collecting suggestions: If you are in a casting or scouting process, you can either select “collect no suggestions”. In this case you can simply collect files and comments on your character, set, etc., without specifically adding actors, filming locations, etc., to this object. It is just a “collecting process”.

OR: If you add suggestions by using the “plusicon” and select an existing item or start typing the desired name and click “create”, your suggestions can first only be seen by your department. You need to click on “publish” first to show your suggestions to other crew members with access rights for the specific area. Once a suggestion is supposed to be final, just click on the “star-icon” and everyone involved gets a notice. This might sound complicated, but in fact, it is an easy way to allow departments to first work among themselves before sharing with others like the director, DoP, etc. If something changes afterwards, you can always undo this step and go back to your former suggestions.


If you think, you get too many mails, just have a look at your user settings in the upper right corner. You can edit your e-mail and push notifications in general and / or project per project.


In every area of Yamdu you can always clearly see what users do have a right to see and / or edit all comments and files of that area. So you can always reassure yourself quite easily with whom you are sharing ideas and information.


If you think you should have access rights to a certain area that is hidden / locked, please ask your project admin to provide sufficient rights. An admin can either edit all access rights per user in the crew section / users or edit users directly within the access rights area of a specific object.


In some areas you need to confirm your changes by clicking “save”. Please do not forget to do so, since you are in a cloud-based environment and otherwise your changes will not be stored on the server.


If you think, your changes have had no effect or you are missing a file just uploaded, please try to refresh the browser first. For Windows users: Press “Ctrl + F5”. For Apple: Press “Command + R”.


If you got any questions or encounter any problems or have any new ideas, simply use the little support bubble in the lower right corner to get in touch with the support team.