How to import a Movie Magic Schedule into Yamdu?

You have already started working with Movie Magic Scheduling and created a schedule in the application?

Now you can easily import your Movie Magic Schedule into Yamdu (works with both PC and Mac)! After the import you will be able to edit your schedule in Yamdu just like you created it there. But not only that, the import will also generate all scenes, roles and sets in Yamdu automatically for you to use in your project or merge and link this data if already existing in Yamdu.

If you want to try out our Movie Magic Import feature just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download our Movie Magic Striplayout: Yamdu_Layout_1_0.msl
  2. Open your Movie Magic Schedule in Movie Magic Scheduling 6 and select Design > Strip Layouts in the top menu

  3. Click "Import Strip Layout(s)" and choose the file you just downloaded (it will probably be in your Download folder and has the file extension .msl)

  4. Make sure all cast members do have a Board ID and add IDs if any cast members are missing it
  5. For the import to work there has to be at least one daybreak included. If you want to import a schedule for a single day please select the last scene in the Stripboard and click "Insert Day Break"
  6. Select File > Print/View in the Movie Magic top menu and choose "Yamdu_Import_Layout_1.0" from the Strip Layouts list, uncheck all checkboxes EXCEPT "Stripboard", "Banners" and "Day Breaks" so that only those three are selected and click "Print" afterwards

  7. PC: In the print menu click on the dropdown menu for the printers and select "Microsoft print to PDF" and click "OK" afterwards

    MAC: In the print menu click the PDF dropdown and select "Save as PDF..."

  8. Choose a filename and save the file to a direction of your liking
  9. In the "Shooting scheduling" area on Yamdu select "Import shooting schedule" > "Select file from your device" and then select the PDF you just created and click "Next"

Yamdu will then analyze the file and create the schedule for you. If you already created scenes, roles or sets in Yamdu that are part of your schedule, Yamdu will notice you and you will be able to edit linking with existing objects. When you are done click "Save" and Yamdu will create the schedule and its' scenes, roles and sets for you.

NOTE: In Movie Magic the "est. time" field is used to indicate how much time will be needed to shoot the scene in hours and minutes. In Yamdu this will be transferred into the field "scheduled time", which we use for this purpose since Yamdu already uses the field "estimated time" for the time a scene will take in the movie itself.