Technical Rehearsals

Making sure all actors and the equipment used to capture them are in harmony prior to shooting.

The periods just before shooting, when the technical staff and actors work together to create a new camera shot, are called technical rehearsals. After a technical setup in which camera and sound are installed, the lights are set, and the set is arranged, the director explains to the actors which part of the scene she wants to film and prepares the cast for shooting. The camera will react mainly to the acting, but actors must also consider technical aspects: they must hit their marks, face the light and generally take into account technical conditions. It is the task of the director to harmonize the acting with the technology and any other visual effects that may be necessary. Not infrequently, this results in unforeseen difficulties that lead to a change in the staging, which in turn can make technical adjustments necessary.

During the technical rehearsals, the actors act with a certain reserve, not with the emotion they will bring to the scene later. Once the staging is fixed, however, they begin to prepare themselves for the recording. Technical corrections are therefore carried out early in the rehearsal process to preserve the concentration of directors and actors. If the director has the impression that the actors and the technicians are ready for the recording, she finishes the technical rehearsals and gets everyone ready to shoot. Skilled shooting preparation will ensure that the last work which is necessary prior to shooting takes place immediately before the cameras roll. Above all, technical corrections have long since been completed at this point.