Preparing the Shooting Schedule

Putting all the elements together to create a draft schedule.

In preparation, the shooting schedule is created by the 1st assistant director. He or she knows the script in detail and is informed about the ideas the director has for its implementation. At the same time, the 1st AD brings together detailed knowledge of the logistical parameters – availability of actors and sets, permits, etc. – and attaches great importance to functional logistics.

During their work, they regularly consult with all departments, especially with direction and production management. It is their goal to arrive at a plan that is as optimal as possible for the interest of all concerned and takes all factors related to the shoot into consideration before the start of shooting.

All departments need an informative plan of the draft schedule early on in order to be able to structure their work and, if necessary, calculate it. At this point in time, a schedule does not have to answer all the questions, but it should provide a direction that the staff can follow and that will be more precise as the preparation progresses.

In this phase of the project, new factors emerge almost daily: occupied actors, defined sets, the coverage of the direction, script changes, permits and restrictions, etc. – and the departments are also developing requirements for the shooting schedule that must be considered. For these reasons, the schedule is updated regularly, and all changes are communicated in meaningful steps.