Manage and Oversee

A clear production schedule, tasks to create focus and a calendar with all key information. Yamdu makes project management easy.

Plan Your Production

Map out your project's journey from development through to postproduction. Yamdu automatically creates a Gantt chart showing how your project will progress.

Add and Edit Information

Assign people to steps, create tasks and add dependencies to make sure everything is managed effectively. You can shorten, lengthen, bring forward or push back your steps as needed.

Task Management

Create a task, add participants, set a deadline and go: now you can share files, photos and videos and message each other in the task itself.


Your Yamdu calendar includes information about events you created or are involved in, task deadlines and all active production steps to keep you on top of everything.

Resource Planning

Make anything a resource. Add things like equipment, personnel and studios and create bookings. There are multiple overviews to work with and double-bookings are automatically flagged.


"I just log in on Yamdu and there it is, the entire world of the project. "

Thomas Gottschall
Executive Producer at The Terminal
Working with clients like BMW, Harman/Kardon and Leica