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Yamdu is primarily designed to be one thing: An aid. Therefore, we are keen to keep Yamdu as simple as possible in order to assure that anyone can easily start working with it. To make this even easier, here are some video tutorials.


Learn about the basic features of Yamdu. In this section, you will find information on how to navigate Yamdu, how to create, modify and get started with your projects, and how to change your user and company settings.

Crew management

This section will show you everything you need to know about how to manage your crew. It will teach you how to utilize access rights, user groups and units to make sure everybody on your team can focus on their own work while the whole project runs efficiently.


In every project there is a lot of planning to do. In the following videos, learn how to use the project calendar to keep track of your meetings and appointments, the production calendar to organize and arrange your production steps easily, and how to create shooting schedules and call sheets in minutes, ready to be sent out to your team.


Communication is a vital factor in every production. Learn how to use announcements and tasks to organize your team and stay in touch with them.

Scripted and non-scripted content

This section will teach you how to work with scripted and non-scripted content in Yamdu. After importing your script (Final Draft, Celtx, Fountain and PDF files are supported) you can use the intuitive script tagging tool to easily create elements (props, costumes, vehicles etc.) which you can then use in your Yamdu projects. If you don't have a script check out our content items!

Episodic features

For all of you working on serial projects, Yamdu offers episodic features. Learn here how Yamdu projects can have several episodes and how you can plan every episode separately to maximize your efficiency and reduce redundant information.

Pre-production & creative departments

In any visual production a lot of different things have to be organized at the same time. In the following videos you can learn how to organize your film casts, structure your location scouting and keep track of your costumes and production designs.


In this section you will find videos about various topics. For example you can have a look at a Yamdu Webinar.

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