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Yamdu is primarily designed to be one thing: An aid. Therefore, we are keen to keep Yamdu as simple as possible in order to assure that anyone can easily start working with it. To make this even easier, here are some video tutorials.

Organizing Your Film Crew

Organizing your film crew is a key aspect of production management. This tutorial shows you how film crew management can be simplified using Yamdu.

Break downs: How to Tag Scripts

You can easily select, tag and re-use elements with script tagging to efficiently create your script breakdowns.

Organizing Film Cast

Casting can be a complicated exercise, especially when your cast or the number of potential actors considered for a character is very large. Yamdu helps you structure and organize your casting process, including all necessary contracts and documents.

Shooting Scheduling

Yamdu’s integrated shooting scheduling tool lets you easily schedule your shootings directly in your browser.

User Settings

This tutorial shows you how to configure your user account.

Organizing Files and Documents

Yamdu enables film producers to organize and store their files and documents for each project. This tutorial shows you how to use Yamdu's tools to organize your production office.

Tasks and Calendar

How often do you assign a task to a crew member without ever knowing if the task is eventually completed? Yamdu’s easy to use task function lets you keep track of all the tasks which have been assigned to you or your department, as well as tasks created by you for yourself or someone else.

Production Design

Yamdu enables production designers to easily keep track of all the props that are being used in a production.

Costume Design

Costume designers often have to find a large amount of costumes for different characters. Learn how Yamdu helps them keep their costume pools organized.

Location Scouting

This tutorial shows you how location scouts can collect and organize their shooting location suggestions.

Call Sheet Creation

Yamdu's What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor allows you to create call sheets faster and more easily than ever before. And the best thing is: You don't even need actual sheets anymore.