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Yamdu is primarily designed to be one thing: An aid. Therefore, we are keen to keep Yamdu as simple as possible, in order to assure, that anyone can easily start working with it. To make this even easier, we provide you with some video tutorials.

Dashboard, Announcements and Crew

You want to know, what’s happening in your project right now? Yamdu provides you an individual dashboard aggregating all the warnings, reports and tasks which are relevant for you. Provided that you are entitled to, you can create announcements in order to inform all you crew members or specific groups or departments. The crew function provides you with a contact list and enables the project administrators to invite additional users or to change the users’ permissions. Thus, you always keep track of who is allowed to access which part of your Yamdu project.

Office, Files and Contracts

The office function allows you to save all your data from the first exposé to the final deliveries, featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop upload with version control to make things easier. To keep things organized, Yamdu structures your contents using rooms and objects. Each object can be enriched with files and discussions. The smart connection between objects and functions saves you time and annoying searching. Take a contract for example: Once you create one in Yamdu, it will later remind you of getting it signed and archive the signed contract.

Financing and Deliveries

This video shows you how to create financing scenarios by creating your financing partner as objects. You may not only add important information, such as funding shares, deadlines or progress information but also a number of additional details is linked to your partners, particularly all the contracts and a useful tool which helps you organize the specific deliveries. Thus, you can make sure, that each partner is provided all integral parts of their contracts in time and with less effort.

Tasks and Calendar

How often do you assign a task to a crew member without later actually knowing, if that task gets done or not? The easy to use task function lets you keep track of all the tasks which have been assigned to you or your department or which were created by you for yourself or someone else. Then, you can easily delegate tasks and write and read comments on their progression. To be able to coordinate appointments and dates all over the projects, all tasks are automatically added to your individual calendar, which can be automatically imported into all your mobile devices.

Location Scouting

This tutorial shows you, how location scouts can collect and organize their shooting location suggestions.

Costume Design

Costume designers often face the problem, that they need to find a large amount of costumes for different characters. See how Yamdu helps them keep their costume pools organized.

Production Design

Yamdu enables production designers to easily keep track of all the props, that are being used in a production.